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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Cosmic by British author, Frank Cottrell Boyce, has been on many recommended lists. The author’s name may sound familiar…he is the author of Millions, which became a popular movie in 2004. Liam Digby has two major physical issues that cause him great angst. He is extremely tall for his age and has had facial hair for some time. In fact, he is mistaken for a teacher on his first day at Waterloo High. When his Dad doesn’t jump at the chance to participate in a Greatest Dad Ever contest held at a new amusement park in China, Liam decides to use his physical attributes to his advantage. He coaxes his friend, Florida, into pretending to be his daughter. This is when this fun(ny) story becomes reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Dads must compete to earn a place to travel with the children into space. I loved that Liam takes his role as a father so seriously that he refers to a book, Talk to Your Teen, throughout the story. The children find themselves lost in space and must problem solve to find their way back. Readers who enjoyed The Gollywhopper Games will love this one!

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