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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material, by Melissa Kantor, is a great recommendation for those readers looking for a book that presents teen relationships and romance. Katie is looking forward to hanging out with her best friend in her hometown, Salt Lake City, for the summer. Her parents are having problems in their marriage once again and this time it looks like it may be a bit more permanent. Her mom has decided that she and Katie will spend the summer in Cape Cod with family friends. Unfortunately, things only get worse when Katie is shunned by Sarah, the gorgeous teenage daughter of her mother’s friends. Katie loves Ernest Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises, and dreams of being as carefree as the main character, Lady Brett Ashley. She believes she is destined to be just ordinary. Things start looking up when she runs into Adam at the country club AND at the local library. Adam has the same interests as Katie. Could he be her first real boyfriend? Adam is keeping something from Katie. Will she turn out to be girlfriend material after all? Readers will also want to check out Melissa Kantor’s Confessions of a Not It Girl.

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