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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spellbound: The Books of Elsewhere

Olive is back in Spellbound, Jacqueline West’s second novel in The Books of Elsewhere series. Although Olive narrowly escapes in The Shadows, book one of the series, the evil McMartins have not been completely destroyed. Courageous Olive is determined to rescue sweet, little Morton from his imprisonment inside the painting. Unfortunately, the magical spectacles which allowed Olive to go in and out of pictures are broken. Things start to look hopeful once again when the new neighbor boy named Rutherford tells Olive about a magical spellbook owned by the evil McMartins. Olive’s interest in the spellbook concerns the cats – Horatio, Leopold, and Harvey. Will they turn against her? Saving Morton will not be an easy task as the house holds more secrets. I listened to the audiobook…the narrator, Lexy Fridell, portrayed each character perfectly. This second book was not as action-packed or scary as the first book, but I still really enjoyed it. Click on the book trailer below to hear the author tell you about her series.

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