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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aliens on Vacation

Clete Barrett Smith's debut novel and the first in a series, Aliens on Vacation, is on the Texas Bluebonnet 2012 reading list. This entertaining story is narrated by almost seventh grader, Scrub, who is having to spend the summer with his odd grandmother at her home which is also her business called Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast. Scrub notices right away that the tourists staying at his grandmother's home are not normal. Scrub isn't the only one who has noticed that things are not what they seem at the Bed and Breakfast...Sherriff Tate is asking a lot of questions. Things get difficult for Scrub when his grandmother asks him to help out with business. If having to disguise these extra-terrestrial beings who come to the house via a transporter from their home planet isn't hard enough, Scrub has to take three rambunctious children aliens on a campout for an entire night by himself. What happens when they run into Sherriff Tate and local boys on a scouting trip in the woods? Read this humorous story to find out. Can't wait to read Book #2, Alien on a Rampage.

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