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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dead is the New Black

Dead is the New Black is Marlene Perez's first book in her Nightshade High School series - this book was brought to my attention by the girls at my school. Daisy Giordano, an average teenager, comes from a unique family. Her mother is a psychic who works for the local police department solving crimes. Her sisters also have telepathic powers which make Daisy feel like the black sheep of the family at times. The school year at Nightshade High School starts off strangely when head cheerleader, Samantha Devereaux, comes to school with pale skin, wearing all black, and dragging a coffin backpack. When Daisy hears about a difficult case her mother is working on, she decides go to the morgue to see the teenage victim’s body…the girl has a white streak of hair and distinctive tattoos. The body turns up missing the next day. Daisy recruits her crush, Ryan, who is the police chief’s son to help her investigate why weird things are happening in their town. Could Samantha’s new appearance be linked to the missing dead girl? When Daisy joins the cheerleading squad she notices that all the cheerleaders except for Samantha are starting to change – starting with gray streaks in their hair. Is there a vampire who sucks the souls out of young people in the Nightshade community? Could it be Samantha? Read Dead is the New Black to find out. Currently, there are six books in her popular series.

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