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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fake Mustache

Tom Angleberger is known for his popular Origami Yoda series which includes Darth Paper Strikes Back and The Secret of the Fortune Wookie - my students (especially the 6th graders) love them. Fake Mustache is an action packed humorous story that begins with two boys (Casper and Lenny) shopping at a novelty store. It's Casper's birthday and he purchases a valuable, unique handlebar mustache. He, also, purchases a "man about town" suit to wear. The next day Lenny sees on the news that someone who looks just like Casper dressed in the suit and wearing the mustache has robbed a bank. When he goes to Casper's house, he finds a lot of money. He calls the police and everything backfires. Casper's new mustache gives him the power to brainwash people - he keeps robbing banks and assumes power in the community. He, also, convinces everyone that Lenny is the criminal. Lenny is the only one who knows the truth and must stay one step ahead of Casper or be destroyed. The only who believes him is a has-been movie star named Jodie O'Rodeo. Can the two of them convince society that the mustache is cursed and Casper must be stopped before it is too late? This entertaining read will make you want to go out to buy your very own fake mustache!

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