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Sunday, March 10, 2013

True Legend

I must say that True Legend has become my new favorite Mike Lupica book…and I am a huge fan of all of his books. This story is about a high school basketball player named Drew that everyone calls, “True”, because he is the real deal. He is so talented that an agent moved him and his mother from the East coast to the West coast to play in his own facility. Drew knows that he gets by in life because others look out for him. Everyone knows he is on his way to stardom. His best friend, Lee, a teammate that isn’t as talented as Drew even helps with all of his school assignments. Things begin to change when Drew notices an old guy playing ball amazingly on an outdoor court really late at night. The guy takes off once Drew lets him know he has been watching him. At an extremely important game, with seconds left on the clock, Drew makes the arrogant decision to take the game winning shot when Lee was wide open and would’ve made it without a doubt. Drew misses – the old guy is at the game and shows Drew his disappointment. Drew is determined to find out who this guy is – why did this guy not make it in the big league? Will Drew learn what it really takes to become a legend before it is too late? The video clip below is an interview of Mike Lupica on the Today Show.

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