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Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Survive Middle School

Donna Gephart’s How to Survive Middle School is an entertaining read mixed with humor and heartbreak. It is on the Texas Lone Star Reading List 2011-12. David Greenburg, a talented eleven-year-old who has just started his first year of middle school, has been forewarned about the biggest bully at school, Tommy Murphy. The summer has not gone as he had planned. Instead of getting to do his favorite thing, make his comical TalkTime videos inspired by Jon Stewarts’ Daily Show, David has done what his best friend Elliott wanted to do – hang out at the mall in hopes of seeing girls. Things go from bad to worse when he and Elliott have a huge fight and Elliott starts hanging around the meanest kid in school, Tommy Murphy. David is bullied by the two of them from the very first day of middle school. The bright spot is his new friend, Sophie, who helps TalkTime gain national attention. David and Hammy, his pet hamster who is the star of the show, become instant celebrities. Will the one person who matters most see how successful David has become? Will Elliott and Tommy quit torturing David? Read How to Survive Middle School to find out.


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review!

    All best,
    Donna Gephart

  2. Ms. Gephart - thanks for leaving a comment!