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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have to admit that the beginning of Cornelia Funke’s Reckless had me a little confused. Readers you need to just stick with it – you will not be disappointed. Reckless is a perfect mix of horror, fairy tale, fantasy, and adventure. At the beginning of the story we are introduced to two brothers who are aware of a secret, forbidden passage-way that exists through a mirror in their missing father’s office. Over the years rebellious Jacob, the older brother, has left his younger brother, Will, wondering where he is while spending a lot of time in the dangerous world on the other side of the mirror. Twelve years pass when both boys’ lives will be turned upside down. Will, while crossing through the mirror, is tragically clawed by a Goyl. As a result of his injury, Will slowly turns into the Dark Fairy’s most prized possession, the jade Goyl. If Jacob doesn’t find a way to help his brother quickly, he will permanently become a stone creature under the evil Fairy’s power. Jacob with the help of Will’s girlfriend – Clara, a shape-shifting fox, and an untrustworthy dwarf must overcome a variety of wicked creatures, the Red Fairy’s power, and his own personal feelings if he has any chance to save Will. For me, after the first sixty pages this novel read like an action-packed movie. Other great books by Cornelia Funke include The Thief Lord, the Inkheart trilogy, the Ghosthunters series, and Igraine the Brave.

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