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Monday, September 5, 2011


Dragonfly by Julia Golding is on the Texas Lone Star Reading List 2011-12. Two lands agree to unite their prince and newly crowned fourth princess in order to keep peace and prevent the attack of a charging army led by an evil conqueror named Fergox. Prince Ramil and Princess Tashi are unhappy about their upcoming marriage. Their relationship, off to a bad start when the prince is disrespectful to the princess, becomes even more complicated when they are captured by Fergox. Fergox is determined to convert Princess Tashi’s religion – she prays to a Goddess, not a God. Once he converts her, he plans to make her his newest wife. Disgusted by the idea, Princess Tashi is determined to fight to the end for her beliefs and her heart. Prince Ramil gets to know the Princess during their imprisonment and soon falls in love. Will the pair be able to escape and save both their people before Fergox’s army reaches them? Click on the trailer below.

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