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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Raining Cupcakes

What’s better than a book titled It’s Raining Cupcakes? A book titled It’s Raining Cupcakes that includes different types of cupcakes as the chapter titles and recipes – yum! One of my awesome 8th grade students recommended that I read Lisa Schroeder’s book and I really enjoyed this quick read for upper elementary – middle school students. Isabel has always dreamed of traveling far from her native Oregon, but hasn’t ever had the opportunity. The reason she hasn’t been far from home is because her mother is afraid of many things including flying on an airplane. Isabel is frustrated that her mom doesn’t ever stay happy Isabel’s life for long and gives up on her dreams without putting forth effort. Her mom’s newest dream is to open up a cupcake store. As her mother’s mind once again fills with doubt, Isabel searches for ways to help her. Isabel and her best friend, Sophie, enter a baking contest. Will the contest challenge their friendship? Will Isabel’s mom learn to push through her own fears? My favorite part of this book is Isabel’s close relationship with her grandmother. I love books that make you cheer for the main character. Other great, more mature reads by Lisa Schroeder include I Heart You, You Haunt Me and Chasing Brooklyn – my students love these books! Click on the video below to hear from the author.

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