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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take Me to the River

Will Hobbs knows how to take his readers into the harshest elements of nature and keep them on the edge of their seats. His most recent novel, Take Me to the River, is about cousins who decide to go ahead and travel down the Rio Grande by canoe and raft even though there is not an adult available to go on the adventure with them. Dylan and Rio are experienced paddlers, but do not anticipate the obstacles that will be in their way. Seeing six Black Hawk helicopters flying into Mexico should have been an indication that they needed to turn back. They are soon warned that Hurricane Dolly could be headed straight for them. The inclement weather is the least of their worries. Tensions between the drug cartel and peacekeepers of Mexico are at an all-time high and Americans have been warned to stay away from the Texas-Mexico border. What will happen when the boys, not wanting to miss an opportunity of a lifetime, stick with their original plans and head down the Rio Grande on a ten day boating adventure? Take Me to the River is on the Texas Lone Star Reading List 2012-13. Other great books by Will Hobbs include Go Big or Go Home, Crossing the Wire, Leaving Protection, Wild Man Island, Down the Yukon, Jason’s Gold, The Maze, Ghost Canoe, River Thunder, Far North, Kokopelli’s Flute, The Big Wander, Beardance, and Downriver. Click on the video below to hear from Will Hobbs.

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