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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Dark City (Relic Master Book #1)

My students love Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron and Sapphique novels so I couldn’t wait to read her series called Relic Master, recently released in the United States. Book one, The Dark City, takes us to a new planet called Anara which is falling apart as the leaders of the Order are all but gone, the new evil governing power is called the Watch. One of the only surviving relic masters of the Order of Keepers, Galen, and his apprentice, Raffi, are captured by a dwarf named Alberic. Alberic takes their relic and demands that they must capture a Sekoi who has stolen gold from him in exchange. Galen is burdened with the secret that he has lost all his powers in a devastating explosion – he can no longer sense dangers or communicate with the living things around him. In their search for the Sekoi , the duo are told that the most powerful relic, the Crow, is in the dark city of Tasceron. The Crow is the only thing that can restore Galen’s powers, but the city of Tasceron is filled with deadly dangers. Early in the adventure, the duo is joined by a girl named, Carys, who deceivingly tells them that she is trying to rescue her father from the Watch. This fantasy has magic, suspense, and surprises throughout. Great recommendation for those who love fantasy novels.

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