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Monday, March 19, 2012


All of my students who have read Hereafter by Tara Hudson are eagerly awaiting publication of her second book in this trilogy. Amelia has been a ghost for as long as she can remember. Time doesn't flow the same way in her world and she has lost track of worldly time. She continues to relive her death - falling from a bridge and drowning - through nightmares. Everything changes when she sees a boy, Joshua, who has a near-death experience when his car veers off the same bridge and goes into the water. She is able to connect with him and ultimately saves his life. The odd thing is that he can see her, communicate with her, and even touch her. The two quickly develop a relationship. To Amelia's surprise, Joshua's grandmother, Ruth, can also see her and demands that she get out of Joshua's life. Ruth has told him all his life about the evils that lurk near that bridge. Will Joshua and Amelia be able to sustain the love they have for each other while Ruth and Eli, a controlling ghost who wants Amelia for himself, are out to end things once and for all? This book will appeal to those readers who like suspense, romance, and ghost stories.

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