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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dark Eden

Patrick Carman has creatively infused technology and reading in his newest series - Skeleton Creek, Trackers, and Dark Eden. Before I started reading Dark Eden, I downloaded and explored the free app (the first segment is free). Dark Eden is different from the Skeleton Creek and Trackers series which are told with both video and text. Dark Eden is narrated by 15-year-old Ben, who like six other teens has a debilitating fear. The teens are sent by their therapist, Dr. Stevens, to Fort Eden to face their fears and be cured. Prior to going to Fort Eden, Ben was able to steal the files that Dr. Stevens had one each of the teens. When the teens arrive at Fort Eden, Ben escapes and hides out. He stays in a secret bomb shelter that has monitors which enable him to watch the others, one by one being cured. Based on the files he has read and the video feed he watches on the monitors, he knows something is terribly wrong with the process. As the teens are "cured", they return without their fear, but have other strange ailments. Rainsford, the old man that takes them to their special rooms for their cure, is not what he seems. Dark Eden is the first in the series - the story is told in segments for each of the teens. This was a bit choppy for me and the end seemed rushed, but I think 7th grade and up would love it! Other great books by Patrick Carman include Things that Go Bump in the Night, Thirteen Days to Midnight, The Land of Elyon series, Atherton series, Skeleton Creek series, and Trackers series.

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