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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Planet Middle School

Author/Poet, Nikki Grimes, totally gets kids - all the challenges they face while growing into the person they will eventually become. Her newest novel in verse, Planet Middle School, is narrated by Joylin - a tough, athletic middle school girl - who loves to play basketball with her childhood buddy, Jake. Things become complicated when her body begins to change, her best friend begins to care about what others think, and she begins to have feelings for the new handsome boy at school, Santiago. It's also a story about how much children crave and need approval from their parents. Her younger brother, Caden, denies his own interests to get his father's attention. Read Planet Middle School to find out how quickly things are put in perspective for Joylin when Jake is in a serious accident. I love novels in verse...I especially love the ones written by Nikki Grimes. Other books you must read by Grimes include Bronx Masquerade, What is Goodbye?, The Road to Paris, Dark Sons, and A Girl Named Mister.

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