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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Book of Wonders

The Book of Wonders is an exciting debut novel from author Jasmine Richards. The author transports the reader to an Arabian nights world packed with adventure. When thirteen-year-old Zardi and her friend, Rhidan, meet Sinbad the pirate they learn that Sinbad's mother, Sula, may know where Rhidan's family is. Rhidan with his unique silver hair, violet eyes, and magical silver amulet was found as a baby - never knowing why his parents abandoned him or where they came from. Zardi is devastated when her older sister is selected as the praisemaker - an unwed young girl kept for a season locked in a tower only to be released like an animal to be hunted down by the Sultan as part of his warped game. Zardi and Rhidan must go on a dangerous journey filled with deadly snakes, a hungry cyclops, and a metal warrior in order to release the magic djinni who may be able to save Zardi's sister before it is too late. All I can say is - "Wow" - couldn't put this one down! It is going on my 8th grade list in the fall.

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