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Friday, June 8, 2012

This Dark Endeavor

Ever wonder how Frankenstein came to be? Talented author, Kenneth Oppel, creatively gives his readers a prelude to the monster Frankenstein in This Dark Endeavor. Victor Frankenstein and his high-achieving twin brother, Konrad, love to fence and play make believe with their distant cousin, Elizabeth, who lives with their family at Chateau Frankenstein. Although the twins are identical, Konrad has always been better than Victor at everything they do. When Elizabeth accidentally opens the secret doorway to the Dark Library in the estate, Victor becomes enchanted with the books about apothecary and alchemy. His interest peaks when his father catches them and forbids them from entering the library again. When Konrad becomes bedridden with a mysterious illness that no doctor can find a cure for, Victor decides to find the answer in the forbidden Library. When he finds a mysterious burned book that holds the secret Elixir of Life, he recruits Elizabeth and his friend, Henry, to help him find the one man in the village who can help them read it. Will they end up sacrificing everything to obtain the cure for Konrad? Will the jealousy Victor feels over Konrad's and Elizabeth's relationship affect their journey to find the one thing that may be able to help Konrad? This dark, chilling tale will keep readers turning the page for more. Other great books by Oppel include Airborn,Darkwing, Firewing, Silverwing, Skybreaker, and Starclimber.

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