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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Attack of the Vampire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales

David Lubar's Weenies series appeals to a lot of kids, especially those that prefer to read entertaining short stories. Attack of the Vampire Weenies is a collection of thirty-three often dark, mostly humorous stories that will have the reader quickly turning the pages for more. What more could a kid ask for - vampires, ghosts, deathly situations, and the most unexpected events? Bizarre? You bet - just like his other books in the series: In the Land of the Lawn Weenies, Invasion of the Road Weenies, The Curse of the Campfire Weenies, The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies, and the newly released Beware the Ninja Weenies. Other great books by David Lubar include Kidzilla and other Tales, Hidden Talents, Dunk, Punished, True Talents, and My Rotten Life.

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