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Monday, August 6, 2012


Heather Dixon's debut novel, Entwined, is for all of you who love fairytales. Azalea, the oldest daughter of eleven girls, loves to dance and has been prepared by her loving mother the Queen for her first ball hosted by her parents. Prior to attending the Christmas Eve ball, she visits her sick mother. The Queen gives her a special handkerchief and makes her promise to take care of her rambunctious younger sisters if anything should happen to her. Her pregnant mother dies during the night and the stern King is left to deal with his grief and another baby – his twelfth daughter. Each of the princesses’ names begins with the consecutive alphabet letter of their birth order beginning with Azalea and ending with the baby Lily. As is customary, the King declares the entire palace to be in mourning – no dancing, no courting, and only to wear black for an entire year. The princesses are consumed with grief not only with the loss of their beloved mother, but also for their love of dancing which has been taken away by their strict father. When the girls stumble upon a forbidden magical pavilion on the estate, they finally find a secret place to dance the night away while their father is at war. The handsome host of the mysterious ball calls himself Keeper. Although Azalea is no stranger to magic, the forces that are behind the Keeper and the pavilion are darker than any she has ever encountered. Will Azalea have the strength to save her sisters and her father when the consequences of their nightly dances become evident or will Keeper win at the last dance – entwined? If this sounds familiar to you, it should - it is a modern retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

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