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Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am a huge fan of Diana Lopez's Confetti Girl so I couldn't wait to read Choke. Windy and her bestfriend, Elena, are eighth graders who are constantly picked on by the two most popular girls at school. Windy wants so much to be part of the popular crowd. When a new girl named Nina stands up to the popular girls and is friendly towards Windy, all of the other "in-girls" start to want to be friends with her, too. Windy enjoys her new status so much, she begins to leave Elena out so she she can stay part of the popular group. Nina asks Windy to become her breath sister and even buys her a matching scarf. Windy decides to play the choking game with Nina despite all the warning signals in her head. Windy realizes that Nina has encouraged others to play this deadly game as well. Will Windy learn that Nina isn't who she seems to be before it is too late? This is a must read for anyone who has played or thought of playing the choking game. Lopez includes informative websites on this serious issue.

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