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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rumors from the Boys' Room

Rose Cooper's Rumors from the Boys' Room (part of her Blogtastic series) is another book that I cannot keep on my library shelf. The girls keep checking it out and asking me what other books I have by this author. What surprises me most is that it is just as popular with the 8th graders as it is with the 6th graders. This novel is written in the same format as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Sofia writes all her notes in her preblogging notebook. Under a secret pen name, Sofia reveals the gossip of middle school on a blog. When she begins to get some of the information wrong, another secret blogger begins competing with her. Filled with middle school angst (mean girls, cute boys, crushes, and changing family dynamics) - readers will love the humorous cartoons that accompany the text. Other blogtastic novels by Cooper include Gossip from the Girls' Room and Secrets from the Sleeping Bag.

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