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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eleanor & Park

I absolutely loved, savored, and now treasure Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. The book takes place in the 80’s and is told from both characters’ points of view. Eleanor, an ivory-skinned overweight new girl, happens to sit by the Asian boy on the school bus. Park, the comic-reading half-Korean boy, who can’t help but like the new girl who reads his comic books as she sits beside him on the bus. Two totally different teens who at first do everything to not like each other, but ultimately cannot stop the chemistry that builds between them. Unbeknownst to Park, Eleanor has deep family secrets that she cannot share with anyone. How could she explain to anyone that she and her much younger siblings are controlled by an abusive stepfather? Will Eleanor ever trust and believe in the love that Park has for her? This is a must read! Click on the student made book trailer video below to learn more. Can’t wait to read Rainbow Rowell’s newest novel – Fangirl.

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