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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Siege and Storm

Leigh Bardugo’s debut novel, Shadow and Bone, was my favorite fantasy read of 2012 and I have been eagerly awaiting book 2 – Siege and Storm. Once again Bardugo brings to life the dark and magical “World of Grisha”. Alina and Mal have left their homeland to hide out from the Darkling and to keep her amplifier (Morozova’s collar) hidden so others will not realize that she is the Sun Summoner. Rather quickly, the Darkling returns and takes them captive. Bardugo introduces us to new characters...ones we grow to like, but do not whole-heartedly trust. The Darkling now has the power to be with Alina without others seeing him. Alina’s powers seem to take over her sense of judgment– to the point that her relationship with Mal is jeopardized. Readers will be surprised as to how this second novel in the trilogy goes...the last half was difficult to put down. Hardest part for me is waiting for book 3 – Ruin and Rising – coming in 2014!

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