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Sunday, October 24, 2010


SLOB, by Ellen Potter, is on the 2010-11Texas Lone Star Reading List. This realistic fiction is narrated by twelve-year-old Owen Birnbaum. Owen explains how difficult it is to be an overweight kid. He started putting on weight two years ago after he and his younger sister experienced a traumatic event. Owen is extremely intelligent, but is bullied on a daily basis because of his weight. In fact, someone is stealing the few precious Oreos that Owen allows himself to eat each day. Is it a coincidence that Mason Ragg, the guy with the horrible scar on the side of his face and switchblade in his sock, has Oreos at lunch? Could he be the thief? Owen is determined to teach the robber a lesson. Can Owen stop the biggest bully of all - his PE Coach, Mr. Wooly? Owen teams up with the unlikeliest character to put a stop to Mr. Wooly’s antics. Will Owen finally find closure from the fateful day that changed his life forever? Read SLOB to find out!


  1. I think this book is hilarious

  2. did i forget to mention its your two favorite Twins??

  3. My reader twins with great recommendations - thank you!