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Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of my dedicated readers encouraged me to read this book when I asked him for suggestions for next year’s reading list. Gone is the first book in a series by Michael Grant. In a split second, everyone who is fifteen years of age and older disappears. To make matters worse, all technological media has quit working…no television, no internet, and no telephones. The survivors must create some sort of order to take care of the younger children left behind. A lot of the kids look to Sam, who once saved a bus full of students, for direction. Sam has secret powers. He isn’t the only one. Other kids have special talents. Someone from Sam’s past wants to defeat him before he vanishes. What is the barrier that surrounds them? Why are animals mutating? How can the teens stop from disappearing on their fifteenth birthday? Read Gone to find out. The other books in the Gone series include Hunger and Lies. Click on the fan based book trailer below.

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