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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brain Jack

Brain Jack is Brian Falkner’s second technological thriller. This New Zealand author writes about what he knows – computers. Las Vegas has been destroyed by terrorists. Seventeen-year-old Sam Wilson is a computer mastermind. When he successfully hacks into the largest telecommunications company, the Cyber Defense Division of Homeland Security recruits him to help protect our country’s global network. The problem begins once members of this elite division and the general population start to use neuro-headsets. Could they become brain jacked? The results are catastrophic…leading to a civil war. This novel reads like a season of the television show, 24. I must admit feeling a little brain jacked myself with all of the hi-tech computer encoding – those of you into computer programming will enjoy it. If you like this one, check out his first novel, The Tomorrow Code. This is another great selection on the Texas Lone Star Reading List 2011-12. Click on the book trailer below for more information.

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