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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Touch Blue

Cynthia Lord’s Touch Blue is a moving novel about what makes a “family”. The author uses her own experiences for the setting of the story. A Maine island school is in danger of being closed due to a shortage of students. The residents decide to take in foster children to increase the number of students. Tess and her little sister, Libby, cannot wait to meet their new foster brother, Aaron. Unfortunately, Aaron isn’t what they thought he would be. He doesn’t even try to fit in with the family. Tess is obsessed with bringing about good luck (each chapter begins with a phrase about luck). Slowly, Tess is able to learn little things about Aaron. She decides that Aaron’s musical talent will help others on the island accept him and, as a result, Aaron will want to stay with her family. When that doesn’t work, Tess goes to extremes. Aaron’s mother lost custody of him when he was young, but he still idolizes her. Tess believes that getting his mother to the island will cure him; with a little luck, he will know that he has it better with Tess’s family. Another great book by Cynthia Lord is Rules, winner of the Schneider Family Award and a Newbery Honor Book Award.

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