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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Beth Choat’s debut novel, Soccerland, will appeal to all players of team sports. Flora Dupre is a star soccer player living in a small town in Maine. The kids in her town stop playing sports once the potato crops are ready to harvest as this is the main source of income for the families living there. Before Flora’s mother passed away, she would bond with Flora over Soccerland – stories they would share about soccer. Flora’s father is still grieving her mother’s death. When Flora is given an opportunity of a lifetime, an offer to attend the International Sports Academy in Colorado to try out for the Girls (Under 15) National Soccer Team, her father is afraid he just might lose her, too. What lessons will Flora learn at the Academy? Will her love for the game of soccer come before family? Choat provides an important message to all athletes…the value of teamwork.

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