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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharp Shot

Looking for an adventure novel with action, suspense, criminals, and heroes? Then Sharp Shot, the third book about the Chance twins, by Jack Higgins with Justin Richards is the book for you. The year is 1990; John Chance is on a mission with fellow British Special Forces to take out a nuclear site in Iraq. When one of his peers is seriously injured they must make a decision to leave things behind in order to save his life. Flash forward to present day…the Chance twins (Jade and Rich) are at home in England while their hardworking father, John Chance, is on another secret mission. An unexpected visitor arrives with his enemy shooting and right on his heels. Before the twins know it, they are swept up in a life or death situation linked to their father’s 1990 mission. What will the twins do to survive? Who can they trust? Each chapter will leave you eagerly anticipating the next. This is a great recommendation for Alex Rider fans looking for another thriller.

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