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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The False Prince

If you love books that have a huge twist in the plot then you are going to really like Jennifer Nielsen's The False Prince - the first book in her new trilogy (The Ascendance Trilogy). The story begins with an orphan boy named Sage who has just stolen some bread to help feed those in need at his orphanage. He is quickly nabbed by a man named Conner (a regent of the king’s court) and his men. Conner offers to buy Sage from the orphanage. Sage, along with two other orphans from different places, is brought to Conner’s estate. They find out they are to learn the ways of a prince in order to take over the kingdom. The king’s youngest son, Jaron, has been missing for years; presumed dead in another altercation. When the king, his wife, and eldest son die, the regents want desperately to find an appropriate replacement. Conner knows his only hope to obtain power is to find an imposter to fulfill the role of Prince Jaron. The orphans must train under scrutiny and hope to be selected for this role, or be put to death if they fail. My students and I are eagerly anticipating book 2, The Runaway King, being published on March 1, 2013.

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