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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Humming Room

Ellen Potter’s The Humming Room, inspired by The Secret Garden, is on the Texas Bluebonnet Reading List 2013-14. Roo Fanshaw , tiny for her twelve years with dull green eyes, often hides from the outside world. Most would consider her a wild child neglected by her parents. Hiding beneath her parents’ trailer saves her life when her parents are murdered. She is sent to live on Cough Rock Island; the home of her rich uncle that she never knew existed. His estate is a former hospital where they sent children who were dying from tuberculosis. Roo leaves the house as often as possible to hideout in a nearby cave – her love of nature draws her there. Something in the house is making a humming noise and Roo is determined to find out where it is coming from. Who is the mysterious boy who seems to glide on the water surrounding the island? Roo hears rumors that her uncle killed his beautiful young wife. Will Roo be able to uncover the dark secrets even though her uncle remains aloof? Readers will enjoy Potter’s descriptive writing style. Other great books by Potter include Slob and the Olivia Kidney series.

The Humming Room by Ellen Potter (book trailer) from Ellen Potter on Vimeo.

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