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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Gordon Korman is one of my favorite authors of middle grade novels. His newest humorous book, Ungifted, was so entertaining - kids will love the storyline and interesting characters. Donovan has been impulsive his entire life so it was not a surprise when he “accidentally” knocked the globe off the metal statue at his middle school. Thankfully no one was killed or injured by the massive careening out-of-control sphere. The result was costly – damaging the entrance, floors, and inside of the gymnasium. Donovan is quickly nabbed by the superintendent who writes his name down on a piece of paper. The superintendent’s secretary mistakenly thinks the paper identifies the qualified candidates for the gifted and talented academy in the district. When Donovan is notified of his transfer to the prestigious school, he quickly realizes that this is his chance to hide out and not have to face any consequences; all the while the superintendent is looking for the name of the perpetrator. Donovan has never shown any type of giftedness in his life so “hiding out” in a school of geniuses is not as easy as it seems. Told from different perspectives, readers will find themselves cheering Donovan on and hoping for the best for the new friends he has made. Other great books by Gordon Korman include No More Dead Dogs, Schooled, Pop, Swindle, Framed, Show Off, Medusa Plot, Born to Rock, Everest series, Island series, On the Run series and Titanic series.

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