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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Always War

Margaret Peterson Haddix’s stand alone novel, The Always War, will appeal to sci-fi fans. In this dystopia, a war has dragged on and on between the east and the west. Gideon, a pilot, refuses to accept his military honor for courage. He is devastated to find out how many innocent lives were destroyed when he bombed the enemy. His neighbor, Tessa, is determined to help Gideon feel better about his situation. She follows him one day and notices someone else is after him. She must warn him. She follows him onto a redesigned aircraft that is headed to the place he bombed to apologize. They have another unwanted passenger on the aircraft. The problem – when they land at the place of the casualties – it looks like untouched forest land. Read the book to find out why the Always War exists and who is in control. Each chapter ends with the reader determined to find out what happens in the next. Other great books by Haddix include The Shadow Children series, Double Identity, The Missing series, and Running Out of Time.

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