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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Times Lucky

Sheila Turnage’s first mystery novel for upper elementary and middle school is already getting great awards including the Newbery Honor Book. She successfully draws her readers in this tale of mysterious beginnings, suspicious murders, kidnappings, ransoms, and hurricanes. Mo (short for Moses), a sixth grader, narrates the story. She describes how she was found after a devastating hurricane wrapped in the arms of The Colonel who suffered memory loss and has no idea who he was before the storm. With the help of an eccentric woman named Miss Lana, The Colonel has raised Mo for the past eleven years. Lately Mo has been searching for her “upstream mother” by sending out messages in bottles. Mo and her best friend, Dale, help out at Miss Lana and The Colonel’s café. One day a detective from another area comes to the café asking questions concerning a mysterious death in his city. The little town turns upside down when a local man, Mr. Jesse, is murdered and Dale is the last person presumed to have seen him alive. Soon The Colonel is missing, next Miss Lana. It is up to Mo and Dale to solve the mystery before it is too late. The problem is that a hurricane is headed their way and no one can be trusted. Read Three Times Lucky – you won’t be disappointed!

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