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Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Dead: Jonas

Eden Maguire’s Beautiful Dead: Jonas is a great recommendation for Twilight fans although there are no vampires in this story. Four teenagers from one high school have died in different accidents in one year. The most recent death has left Darina mourning the loss of the love of her life, Phoenix. She soon discovers that these teens’ souls are in limbo somewhere between heaven and earth for one year’s time. Jonas’s death was the first and his soul will be trapped unless Darina can find out exactly what caused his fatal accident before the one year anniversary of his death. Darina’s only hope is Zoey, Jonas’s girlfriend. Zoey survived the tragic accident, but is left unable to walk and has no memory of the accident itself. This novel is filled with romance and suspense. The series will continue with book #2 – Beautiful Dead: Arizona – which comes out on October 5th.


  1. one of the best books ever!!!

  2. My students were all ready to come down to the library and check this out as soon as we were finished with this book trailer. Can't wait to read it!