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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monster High

Monster High is the first book in Lisi Harrison’s newest series. She is also the author of the popular Clique series. The attractive book cover alone will have this one flying off the library shelf. Two students will be starting at Merston High for the first time. Melody Carver is a transplant from the 90210 area. Although she is the daughter of a plastic surgeon, she never placed emphasis on her looks. Her father deceptively operates on her and she is now beautiful. She would like to meet a boy who sees more than what she is on the outside. Frankie Stein is the other new student. She was created fifteen days before school by her scientist father. She is required to hide her green skin, scar-like seams, and metal bolts to fit in with the “normies” at Merston High. Their worlds will collide when they make friends and fall for guys at their new school. Things only escalate when the school creates a Monster Mash theme for their fall dance. It’s hard enough to fit in at high school as a “normie”, being a monster is just about impossible. Or is it? Click on the video below to see the Monster High fight song video.

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