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Sunday, September 12, 2010

One of the Survivors

One of the Survivors is the latest realistic fiction book from Susan Shaw. Fourteen-year-old Joey Campbell has been through a lot in his short life. There was a deadly fire at his high school. Joey and his best friend, Maureen, were the only survivors from his class. Now everyone believes that he and Maureen must have started the fire, because they knew to leave the classroom. A year and half before the school fire, Joey’s mother perished in a house fire trying to save their family cat. He wishes he could have stopped her. Joey constantly thinks about his friends from class, their unique personalities, and their lifeless bodies as they were carried out of the school by the firemen. Could it be worse to be one of the survivors? His father asks him to write in a journal to help him handle all of it. This is a quick read that alternates between journal entries and Joey’s recollections. Other great reads by Susan Shaw include Safe, The Boy from the Basement, and Black-eyed Susie.

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